Lots of people with type 2 diabetes need insulin but most don't get offered it.

So, you have done all the right things, taken the tablets prescribed by your doctor, made changes to your diet, taken up exercise but you still can’t get your blood sugars at the levels both you and your medical team would like. Your doctor has mentioned that the next step is to start injecting insulin to get your control to an acceptable range...

I can almost hear you saying that 'surely there must be other medication you can take before you think about injections' and 'does this mean that once you start taking insulin you will be on it forever'?!!

Many people are apprehensive or even fearful of injecting insulin and this is exactly why we need to talk about why you should not feel this way, especially when you consider that insulin is a naturally occurring hormone in our body and that injections are merely replacing or adding to a deficit in the amounts needed to control your blood sugars.

Chances are that you already know a bit about diabetes and the role insulin has to play in controlling blood sugars in the body. Medications for diabetes are primarily focused on controlling blood sugar levels by stimulating:

  • The pancreas (which produces insulin) to make more insulin
  • The liver to regulate sugar levels more effectively
  • The stomach or brain to not consume too much sugar in the first place.

Using insulin in type 2 diabetes

Insulin however, is the only medication for diabetes that is a direct replacement of the bodies insulin deficiency required to regulate blood sugars more effectively.

Unfortunately, starting insulin is often seen by both patients and doctors as the 'last resort' once everything else has failed.

Why is this?

Having an injection is something most of us will avoid if we can and sometimes doctor's do not want their patients to be distressed and will delay insulin (even if it is necessary), as they feel anxious telling you that you need to start injections!! Crazy, right?!!!

To the point:

  • Insulin is the only medication that is able to replace or restore the depleted insulin in our body
  • Insulin is a naturally occurring hormone in our body
  • Delaying insulin and continuing with other diabetes medications can increase complications - as the alternatives won't allow you to get your blood sugar levels to an acceptable range.
  • Feeling anxiety or being fearful of injections is common - but facing your fears can improve the future for you and your loved ones

What more information?

If you have just been told you need to start taking insulin for your diabetes, you can learn more about managing your diabetes with insulin in our personalised 12 week diabetes program. The first week of the program is free, so why not check it out for yourself! You can also read some reviews on our Testimonials page.

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