All fruits are not the same in terms of sugar, carbs and calories. So what is the best fruit for diabetics?

Video Transcript

Now we all know it is important to eat fruit and we are often told that we need to increase our fruit consumption and if you are someone who really enjoys eating fruit likes eating fruit I think this is something that you probably need to listen to. Whilst fruit is an excellent source of energy and vitamins and nutrients not all fruit is the same and some fruit can actually not be so good for us.

And so just on that note I would like to start with thinking about a piece of fruit like a banana.

The amount of carbohydrate and in effect the amount of sugar that is in the banana is the equivalent of about this many strawberries. So clearly all fruit is not the same. And some fruits may be better, particularly if you have diabetes or if you are worrying about your weight, than others. So you will see often athletes will consume bananas when they are competing, they will rarely have strawberries, because it doesn't have enough energy.

But let's say you really want a banana and that every morning you wake up and have a banana and you think that is really important, well then you can make a simple choice rather than stopping bananas completely, maybe it is just about choosing a banana that is smaller or having half a banana so that you still get the taste, without all of the calories, without all of the sugar, and without all of the potential effects that this will have on your body.

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