Doesn't it annoy you that there are some people who eat junk food but never gain weight?

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Well, thin doesn’t necessarily equal healthy and a new report has shown that a poor diet is one of the highest contributing factors to chronic disease in Australia, second only to smoking!

And with these figures showing that diet contributes to around 7.2% of chronic disease, while high BMI and physical inactivity only contribute to around 5%, it’s easy to see that exercising and maintaining a healthy body weight won’t mitigate all the harmful effects of poor food choices.

You might think that the story ends there – exercise, maintain a healthy weight and eat well. We’ve all heard that story before!

But if you look at the report in a little more detail, the numbers are a far more confronting. You can really see why we push that mantra to maintain a healthy weight, stay active and eat well!

So what to take from the report?

You can't simply 'judge a book by it's cover'. Thin does not always equal healthy and vice versa. Regardless of our size, it is important to make food choices that are nutritious to our body. That's not saying that we can't enjoy less nutritious food from time to time - in fact, we think that is necessary. Otherwise by restricting we will often have a binge.

So the point is, it's all about balance - considering nutrients, how often we are having particular foods, and our portion size. Ideally, 'quality not quantity' when it comes to our food choices. In regards to exercise, as long as you're doing something (even dancing around the house) - it all adds up to improving your physical health.

Plus, if you make it something you actually ENJOY doing - you're more likely to commit to it! BUT, if you are struggling to stay on track with your lifestyle choices - try our 12 week program, so I can PERSONALISE an approach to help you achieve your health goals!

Just remember: No matter how we appear on the outside (whether that's larger, smaller, or somewhere in-between), at the end of the day it's our insides that are most important.

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