Same manufacturer, Low sugar vs normal cereal.. But are they really that different?

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Do you get confused by low sugar, low carb, low fat diets? Have you noticed how many food manufacturers put claims on food products? Do you believe them? In this video I look at 2 granola cereals made by the same manufacturer that sound very different but maybe are not so very different.

So what I want to do is expand on this concept about how carbohydrates essentially are the same as sugars and it doesn’t really make any difference whether some things are full of sugar or whether it is full of carbohydrate. Because a lot of the messaging that a person with diabetes gets is that they need to avoid sugar and not necessarily about the fact that sugar is a carbohydrate.

I’m going to use two products here. Both are a kind of granola. Both by the same manufacturers. This is the Jordan's Crunchy and then this is Jordan's Low Sugar Granola and particularly what I am going to do and I need my glasses to do this is I am going to look at the back of them.

What is fascinating is that the normal granola contains 210 calories per serve and the low sugar one is 200 calories, so almost the same amount of calories. The sugar content in the normal one is about 6.8 grams whereas the sugar content in the low sugar is only 1.3 grams. So that is true that is a low sugar. But the carbohydrates in this is 25.5 grams and in this 25.1 grams.

So while some people could argue that the packaging and the messaging on this packet is very much designed to look like it is healthier the reality is, and this really shocks me, they are exactly the same.

Both of them contain nearly 60 grams of carbohydrate per 100g. This would be considered a high carbohydrate food.

And yet in messaging, it looks like it is good for you when if you have diabetes it is probably not the best thing that you could be eating despite what the packaging says.

Dr Sultan

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