Having a hypo is a great way to end up with very high sugars. Let me explain why that needs to be avoided

What to do when you've had a hypo

Beware anybody that stands in the way of you and the refrigerator when you’re having a hypo (when your blood glucose levels fall below 4 mmol/L or 72mg/dL). While it’s tempting to eat the entire contents of the fridge, the ‘hypo’ hangover where you terrible for hours and struggle to recover, is a less than desirable outcome.

And while the best way to manage a hypo is to prevent one happening in the first place, preparing for a hypo with suitable options is the next best thing. As soon as your BGLs drop below 4mmol/L (72mg/dL), you need to act, as an untreated hypo can turn into a medical emergency very quickly. If you wear a pump it’s important to suspend insulin delivery until your BGLs are safe again.

No matter what type of insulin you take, treatment for a hypo is the same.