Get your diabetes on track
with this medically proven program


Get your diabetes on track
with this medically proven program


Created by respected diabetes specialist
Dr Sultan Linjawi and his team of leading
psychologists, dieticians and diabetes educators.

Created by world renowned diabetes specialist Dr Sultan Linjawi, his leading psychologists, dieticians and diabetes educators.


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Personalised for you to help no matter what difficulties you face.
Type 2 Diabetes

Learn the skills for a better life

  • Our personalised approach means a unique program is created just for you.
  • So it's perfect if you are newly diagnosed, had diabetes for some time, want to get things on track, looking to update your skills, or care about someone with diabetes and want to help them.
  • Up to 4 hours worth of short easy to understand videos.
  • The support you need to help your succeed.
  • Program tracking tools and activities.

Dr Sultan has treated people with prediabetes, over 10,000 people with type 2 diabetes & over 1,000 people with type 1 diabetes.

Here is what some of those who have been personally treated by Dr Sultan have had to say.

  • A

    Amanda S

    I have just completed this 12 week program and it has been so life changing, eye opening, educational and confronting but ultimately I know it will end up being life saving for me and I wish I had met Dr Sultan 4 years ago when I was first diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes! As I continue... See More

  • A

    Amanda S

    This is not a scam, This is a life changer. My blood sugars have gone from 12mmol/l (260mg/dl) to 7mmol/l(120mg/dl) getting there. Weight has gone down 13 kilograms and I’m getting compliments from family and my friends. More work on the above but not being silly by thinking I can change my diabetes in a few weeks or months. Excellent, Excellent, Excellent... See More

  • A

    Andrew T

    I needed a boost and some encouragement to change my lifestyle to manage my diabetes, and was prompted to change after I had a wound that would not heal ... your material was useful and timely ... thank you! I have lost 13kg in weight, increased exercise, and thus reduced ... See More

  • B

    Bruce C

    I am now 68 years old and contemplating the next ten to twenty years ahead and hoping to avoid health problems that could potentially diminish my quality of life.... See More

  • L

    Lis A

    My challenges were the different views and opinions about diabetes that I was told especially the use of carbohydrates in the diet and the use of lots of fruit. Dr Sultan’s approach has dispelled these views and I have gone back... See More

  • S

    Sue C

    I tried to ignore that anything was wrong with me. I thought a few changes to my diet and exercise would be enough, and that I could do it myself. But my HBA1C kept rising little by little. My GP doubled the metformin and I had a crazy reaction, so went back to original dose. I got one conversation with a specialist who answered one question, but nothing more. The information was just too general.... See More

  • S

    Susan H

    Only recently being diagnoses with prediabetes, I was blissfully enjoying any food that was presented to me, so therefore had no understanding of food in general i.e. consequences, no understanding of carbohydrates/sugars etc. I felt very lost at the beginning of the program and frustrated about food. Since starting the program I have lost around weight and also around 6cm off my stomach,... See More

  • A

    Anna G

    I cannot begin to tell you how much I am enjoying the program. It is so thorough and well structured and I feel like I am finally understanding my diabetes and not feeling guilty about being on medications. I really like the way you are... See More

  • N

    Nicky H

    I have been a diabetic for 18 years after having gestational diabetes 28 years ago. Being adopted as a baby, I have no idea about my family history. My diabetes was totally out of control, I knew very little about diet and 18 years... See More

  • Profile Picture

    Carolyn M

    This is a must for all diabetics and pre diabetics. The subject is explained in an easy to understand way.

  • Profile Picture

    Joy D

    I am half way through the program and am so very grateful I found it- so timely as I needed to get back on track and in control again. I believe the programme will suit a broad range of people due to the way you present it. I have lost 3kgs... See More

  • Profile Picture

    Lucy Casson RN, NP, DIP HE, BA (Hons),MA (Nurs Prac), CDE | Paediatric Diabetes Nurse Practitioner

    As a health care professional working in diabetes, I approached the My Health Explained programme with some trepidation, as I have always held the opinion that education is most effectively done face to face. I was delighted to be wrong... See More

  • Profile Picture

    Dr Geoff Eather Consultant Diabetes Specialist (retired)

    Diabetes education has been taken to a new level by My Health Explained. For a person with diabetes it has become even more essential to have comprehensive, reliable and up to date information. Patients need to understand so many more... See More

  • D

    Dr Brad Curtis BDS, MPH, PhD, FICD

    Having worked in the diabetes field for over a decade and the healthcare sector for considerably longer, I am convinced as to the value of patient empowerment through effective communication and knowledge. More importantly, personalizing... See More

  • J

    Jane Degenaars Credentialed Diabetes Educator

    For anyone wishing to develop an understanding of what has happened to them and learn how they can help themselves in a supported way, My Health Explained, is the full package. Beautifully presented, easy to understand and relate to... See More

The more you interact the more personal your program becomes.


We help you to stay on track and engaged using our vast library of medically backed videos and tools.

What will my diabetes program include?

  • Diabetes Activity Icon

    Activities to put your knowledge into action

  • Diabetes Weight Tool Icon

    Tools to track your progress, sugars, wellness and more

  • Diabetes Diet Tool Icon

    Diet tips to help with weight management & glucose control

  • Diabetes Motivation Tool Icon

    Psychologist helping you get motivated

  • Diabetes Video Tool Icon

    Over 4 hours of easy to understand short videos

  • Diabetes Personal Tool Icon

    Personalised program that evolves based on your feedback

Dr Sultan’s Global Diabetes Documentary

Take a glimpse of this soon to be completed global diabetes insight of 15 countries around the world. Dr Sultan interviews experts from the United Nations, World Health Organization and World Bank.

“Too often those with diabetes are blamed when in reality the world order from governments to councils, multi-nationals to small local businesses, families and individuals have all inadvertently designed a world that has led to an epidemic that costs the world billions and deprives people of the health they deserve.”” - Dr Sultan

Dr Sultan’s Global Diabetes Documentary


Dr Sultan’s medically backed team of experts, including psychologists, dieticians and diabetes educators contribute to these life changing programs.

Dr Sultan Profile

Dr Sultan Linjawi


Endocrinologist and renowned Diabetes Specialist

Learn why Dr Sultan created this program and continues practicing and lecturing around the world today.

Sultan fire video

Nothing to lose, everything to gain
with this wealth of video information.

Getting your diabetes on track couldn’t be easier!